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"Kate is a delight! I look forward to her company in your next book!"
-J. Laughlin, paperback buyer, Mysterious Bookshop, NYC

"A special treat ... Great fun!"
-Kathleen Swanholt, Mysterious Women

Kate Cavanaugh -- single, forty-three year old breast cancer survivor, heiress to the Crown Chili fortune, and one of Cincinnati's favorite gourmet caterers -- finds herself embroiled in the mysterious death of her friend, the local Restaurant Critic From Hell.

It's Christmas -- a stressful time for caterers. Mother is nervously looking over Kate's shoulder, fussing over every minute detail of her annual Holiday Luncheon. Add to this the unexpected appearance of biker chick Cherry, a friend from Kate's wandering-through-Asia phase who has not been in contact for twenty years, and Kate's plate is filled to overflowing.

Nevertheless, Kate launches her own murder investigation peeking under the masks of Cincy's rich and powerful -- exposing herself to the killer's wrath.


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