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Who Is Cathie John?

[photo]Cathie John is the husband and wife writing team of John and Cathie Celestri.

Together they have written five novels. Their latest, In the Name of the Father, is the second in an historical crime fiction series set in 1940s Newport, Kentucky.

John, a native of Brooklyn, NY, has been a cartoon animator for the past 25 years. He has worked on over fifty feature-length films, half-hour TV specials and videos, having learned the basics of classical animation on the job from old Popeye and Mighty Mouse animators.

Cathie is originally from Toronto, Canada, where she studied music and worked in advertising. She also attended the culinary program at the Rhode Island School of Design and worked in the restaurant and catering industry in Providence, Rl.

Cathie's culinary knowledge, her travel experiences in Asia, and her survival of breast cancer are blended together with John's quirky, tongue-in-cheek attitude to form the character of Kate Cavanaugh in their Journals of Kate Cavanaugh culinary mystery series.

John looked on the Little Mexico series as a way to express a rough-and-tumble attitude towards life with characters who are on the opposite end of the social spectrum from Kate's world of blueblooded high society folk -- more along the lines of what he saw, as a kid, on the streets of Brooklyn.

John and Cathie met in 1979 when they sat next to each other on a flight between New York and Toronto.

They live in Loveland, Ohio with their Welsh Terrier.

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