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Are dreams messages from angels or warnings from our subconscious minds? Whatever the truth, Kate Cavanaugh, Cincinnati's "Queen of Theme" party consultant and heir to the Crown Chili fortune, listens to hers.

Kate finds herself falsely accused of one murder and drawn into an investigation that delves into the spiritual beliefs of The Circle of Light, a cult whose followers read auras, listen to angels, and believe they are protected from violence by a cosmic energy field. The Circle of Light is having their national leadership retreat at the Golden Valley Spiritual Center in Clairmont, and one of the attendees is Kate's middle-aged hippie friend and old traveling companion Jaz Woods.

As usual, it's a busy time for 'Round the World Catering. Kate's schedule includes an Iranian wedding reception, an Italian stag party, Mother's Memorial Day Barbecue, and supervising a booth at Taste of Cincinnati.

More than one dead body shows up and suspects are everywhere. Is the killer the Persian rug importer? The cult recruiter? The doddering old fool muttering nonsensical predictions of the future?

In the end, Kate learns that devils sometimes wear white.


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